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The Process Of Solar Panels
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The making craft of the solar cell specific instructions

Sections: (1) the multiple thread cutting, cutting a silicon rod as a square silicon.

(2) cleaning: clean with conventional silicon wafer cleaning methods, and then by acid or alkali solution to remove silicon surface cutting damage layer 30-50 um.

(3) preparation of suede: with alkali solution for silicon anisotropic etching in silicon wafer surface preparation of suede.

(4) phosphorus diffusion: the coating source (or source of liquid, or solid nitrogen phosphorus flake source) to spread, made the PN + knot, knot deep generally 0.3 0.5 um.

(5) the surrounding etching: spread around silicon wafer surface diffusion layer, can make the top and bottom electrode short circuit batteries, masking wet etching or diffusion layer surrounding the plasma dry etching to remove.

(6) remove the PN + knot on the back. Commonly used wet method corrosion or grinding method to remove the PN + knot on the back.

(7) production from top to bottom electrode: use a vacuum vapor deposition, chemical nickel plating or aluminum paste printing sintering process. Making electrode under the first, and then make the electrode. Is extensively used for aluminum paste printing process.

(8) to make the reflective film: in order to reduce the reflection loss and the silicon wafer surface was covered a layer of reflective film. Making minus reflection membrane material with MgF2, SiO2, Al2O3, the SiO, Si3N4, TiO2, Ta2O5, etc. Process method available vacuum deposition, ion plating, sputtering, printing method, PECVD method or technique spraying method, etc.

Sintering sintering (9) : the battery chip in nickel or copper base plate.

(10) test step: according to the regulation parameter specification, classification of testing.