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The Detection And Maintenance Of Solar Panels
- Apr 08, 2018 -

1, check whether there is any breakage on panels, to be found in time, change in time.

2, good panels cables and examine whether the ground contact, with or without falls off phenomenon.

3, check the wiring junction box place for fever phenomenon.

4, check whether there is any loosening and fracture on panels stents.

5, check the clear panels cover panels around the weeds.

6, look for cover panel surface.

7, check the panels on the surface of a bird droppings, cleaned up when necessary.

8, identification of the cleaning degree of the panels.

9, high winds in the face of the panels and stent for review.

10, snow day in the face of the panels to clear in time, avoid panels surface snow freeze.

11, the rain should check whether all the sealing is good, have without slack phenomenon.