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Test Method Of The Solar Panels
- Apr 08, 2018 -

(1) because the output power of solar component depends on factors such as the solar irradiance and the solar cell temperature, so the solar energy battery components of measurement under the standard conditions hold (STC), a standard condition is defined as:

AM1.5 atmosphere quality, illumination intensity 1000 w/m2, the temperature is 25 ℃.

(2) the open circuit voltage: use 500 w halogen tungsten lamp, 0 ~ 250 v ac transformer, set the light intensity of 3.8 ~ 40000 LUX, lamp and the distance of the test platform is about 15 to 20 cm, direct test values for the open circuit voltage;

(3) in this condition, the solar energy battery components the maximum power output is called the peak power, in many cases, the components of the determination of peak power usually use solar simulators. The main factors influencing the solar modules output performance is the following:

1) the load impedance

2) the intensity of sunlight

3) temperature

4) the shadow