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Solar Power Calculation
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Solar ac power system consists of solar panels, charge controllers, inverter and battery; Solar energy is not including the inverter dc power system. In order to make the solar power system can provide enough power for load, must according to the use of electrical power, reasonable choose components. Below 100 w power output, with six hours a day, for example, introduce the calculation method:

1. Should first calculate the daily consumption of hours (including loss of inverter) : if the inverter conversion efficiency of 90%, when the output power is 100 w, the actual need output should be 100 w / 111 w = 90%; If according to the use of 5 hours a day, the output power of 111 w = 555 * 5 hours wh.

2. Calculate the solar panels: calculated on effective sunshine time is 6 hours a day, and the loss in the process of considering the charging efficiency and charging, the output power of solar panels should be 555 wh / 6 h / 70% = 130 w. 70% of whom are in the process of charging, the actual use power of the solar panels.