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Solar Panels Are Good For The Ecological Environment
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Solar panels, using solar energy, do not pose a threat to life and the environment – and are very beneficial to the survival of coral reefs. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are highly polluted because they release chemicals and harmful elements into the atmosphere during mining, drilling, or transportation. The Valdez oil spill and the BP's rig "Deepwater Horizon" bombing were just two of the many ecological disasters reported. These oil spills have caused a decline in wildlife stocks and have devastated local fisheries and tourism.

Solar panels are made from the most common crystalline silicon in silica sand. Although some chemicals are used during manufacturing to clean the semiconductor surface of the system, leading PV industry manufacturers are strictly following environmental regulations and comply with industry waste disposal regulations to ensure that they do not cause continuous damage to workers' health and the environment. Photovoltaics can also reduce the impact on land. Small PV modules can be installed on the roof, and large projects such as photovoltaic power plants are usually located in low-grade land or brownfields and abandoned mine land.

A successful market will not lack a successful enterprise. A successful enterprise must be inseparable from a successful market environment. A good PV subsidy policy must be the policy of eliminating subsidies in the shortest time and establishing a market environment with the smoothest pace.