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Setting Of Low Power Solar Panel Environmental Protection Equipment
- Jan 10, 2019 -

If we want to survive on this earth forever, we should be more environmentally conscious and strengthen our environmental awareness.

1. In the wide area, reduce unnecessary flow of people, logistics, information flow and corresponding energy losses by rationally arranging cities, roads, and agricultural resources.

2. Build a compact city and try to achieve the self-circulation of functions and resources.

3. The introduction of urban environmental protection system mainly includes saving energy, improving resource utilization, reducing environmental load and energy consumption, and promoting resource reuse.

4. Combine the geological and climatic conditions of the land, explore the potential of land use, give play to the characteristics of planning land, and seek the best model for planning and development.

5. Use of rainwater recovery equipment and water permeable flooring materials.

6. Develop a low-cost waterway system in combination with the purification function of the ecological pool.

7. In areas where climate characteristics are significant, centralized heating and cooling facilities are used to reduce construction costs and energy consumption.

8. Set up environmental protection equipment that uses natural resources such as solar panels and windmills.