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How To Solve The Problem Of Solar Panel Occlusion?
- Jan 10, 2019 -

First, plant occlusion: in the survey and installation to fully consider the plant's growth year, consider whether the shade, branches and leaves cause occlusion, if there is occlusion can be cut.

Second, the corner guard: the corner shield is also present at the scene, but the number is not a lot, the general corner will be taken off directly.

Third, the terrain difference occlusion: here the terrain difference should take into account the north and south of the component, whether the components cause shadow occlusion; the same array of different sub-array heights cause occlusion; at the same time the shadow between the floors should also be considered.

Fourth,Blocking of mud, bird droppings, sand dust,  After the power station is built, mud, bird mites, sand dust, etc. will block the components, which should be checked and cleaned regularly.