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How To Choose A Bracket For Solar Panel Installation?
- Dec 20, 2018 -

 Solar panels have become more and more widely used in people's lives. It can be said that it is everywhere. Many customers and friends have some understanding of the choice and installation of solar panels. Solar panels are also called "solar chips" or "photovoltaic cells." ", is an optoelectronic semiconductor sheet that uses solar light to directly generate electricity. Single-cell solar cells cannot be used directly as power supplies. As a power source, several individual solar cells must be connected in series, connected in parallel, and tightly sealed into components. Solar panels A plurality of solar cells are assembled in the solar power system and are the most important part of the solar power system.

Solar panel photovoltaic bracket is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panel in solar panel photovoltaic system. The general material is aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, and the like.

The brackets are mainly divided into two categories: fixed and automatic tracking. At present, some fixed brackets on the market can also be adjusted according to the seasonal changes of the sun's rays. The slope of each solar panel can be adjusted by moving the fasteners to adjust the slope to adapt to different angles of light. The solar panel is accurately fixed at the specified location. The self-tracking solar bracket has a rotating device, which can adjust its angle with the rotation of the sun like a sunflower, and the light energy utilization rate is high, but the relative cost is relatively high. In China, solar panels are generally installed southward, and users can choose to use fixed brackets. If the cost is not considered, sunflower automatic tracking of the sun bracket is a good choice.