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Classification Of Solar Water Heating Systems
- Nov 23, 2018 -

1 According to the actual use, solar water heaters can be divided into small-capacity solar water heaters for household use, which are commonly referred to as domestic solar water heaters, and large-capacity solar water heaters for large-scale residential, hotel and bathroom buildings. There is no fundamental difference between the two, except that the former has less water capacity. According to relevant national regulations, the water storage capacity of the hot water tank is less than 600L. It is a domestic solar water heating system, which can be purchased directly by the user and can be used after installation; It is necessary to consider the user's understanding of the water temperature and the amount of water and the actual situation of the building, after the system design, the installation begins, and it can only be delivered after the acceptance is passed. In general, the procedures are better than the household solar water heater. complex.

2 Solar water heaters can be divided into compact systems and separate systems according to the relationship between water tanks and collectors. The compact solar water heater directly inserts the vacuum glass tube into the water tank, and uses the circulation of the heated water to raise the temperature of the water in the water tank, which is the most conventional solar water heater in the market; the split type water heater separates the heat collector from the water tank. It can greatly increase the capacity of solar water heaters, and does not use the falling water working mode, which expands the scope of use.

3 solar water heaters can be divided into centralized hot water supply and local hot water supply according to the water supply range. Centralized hot water supply mainly refers to providing hot water for a single building or several buildings. Partial hot water supply refers to the form of supplying hot water to a local unit or individual user in a building.